We Are What We Eat

Literally every day we go to the store, to restaurants or a fast food place and eat different foods or buy and use different varieties of products. As consumers we have the power to choose what we buy, what we support and the power to be a voice for the big industries to tell them that we don’t want or need certain types of products. A few years ago, almost everything was produced with palm oil. The palm oil industry destroyed not only a massive amount of forests but also habitats for an insane number of animals, which unfortunately, got killed in the process. Palm oil was in everything. Literally every product somehow contained palm oil or palm fat in it. Why did that change? Because of a public outcry and people who didn’t want to buy products with palm oil in it anymore. Now we can find a lot of products at the store that specifically say that they are palm oil free.

When we go to the store and buy products, we can of course read the label and see what is in those products we buy. But who really does that? Who understands all the different types of names, chemical numbers and byproducts on the label? For over a year now, my wife and I have been using an app for that job. There are literally hundreds of apps out there, but we are talking about the CodeCheck app, which is available for Android and IOS. It basically just scans the barcode on any product and tells you in a detailed overview what it contains and how good or bad it is for you. It also details why it is bad for the environment, which we think is pretty cool.

It is simple to use. You just open the app, scan the product and look at the overview. The red and orange colors show you right away if there is a concern and if you maybe shouldn’t use the product. We are talking about groceries, cosmetics, baby products, household products and almost anything else you can think of. Why use the app? Because we, as consumers and potential buyers of products, are entitled to know what we buy and what we put in and on our bodies, as well as products we use every day around the house. After using this app for a while, you can trust me, you want to know. It is insane what companies deliberately put in our foods and everyday products. Sure, the levels of those ingredients are low but they ad up over time.

Let’s just look at a specific product as an example. We all know the brand NIVEA and of course we love it because it helps our skin in so many ways. But let’s just scan a sample of the NIVEA Men’s creme lotion. The app shows multiple high concerns and of course we can investigate that for more details. This skin care product contains Cera Microcristallina, which is in many skin care products and cremes. It is also suspected to produce cancer. Since there are not enough studies and the EU (European Union) just says a specific amount of it is okay, they can put it into this product which we use every day without a second thought. I am not saying that you will develop a form of cancer because of using it and it’s probably most unlikely, but do you really want to put a chemical like that on your skin and basically absorb it into your body and system?

If you investigate your bathroom and go through your daily products, and you ask yourself what you are using daily, maybe you will be curious enough to look it up. CodeCheck is a great way to do so. Just scan and inform yourself. You deserve to know what you are really buying, but you also deserve to know what could be affecting your health. We will go into much more detail in many more blog posts concerning foods and everyday products to show you what’s really in the things we use and eat almost every day. You can find the links to the app here. On their website www.codecheck.info you can find more useful information and other posts about many more products and issues.

Please leave a comment if you are already using this app (or a different app) for that purpose and tell us how your experience is with it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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  1. Stefan Gruber

    Tolle Beitrag. Die App kannte ich noch nicht, werde ich aber ab jetzt verwenden.

    1. Danielle Steiner-Kern

      Danke sehr! Die App ist ganz einfach und sehr hilfreich!

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