Positivity versus Climate crisis

When we are look at recent news, Facebook posts or twitter feeds, it’s hard to neglect all the catastrophic news, forecasts and predictions concerning our planet and the ongoing climate crisis. Everywhere you can read what’s going to happen if we don’t act now, that we only have 12 years left to change things if we want to prevent a massive disaster and that we are killing animals, plants and nature everyday a bit more.

It’s hard to stay positive in all this mess and hard not to ignore the fact that we as humans have the power and the responsibility to act and do something right now. Some days are hard and these hot summer days are the hardest because of the constant reminder that the climate crisis is already fully here and it will only get worse. Trying to go through daily life without thinking about it has become quite impossible for us. Then at the same time, trying to be positive about the future and the planet is another huge task, with all the negative news around us. Then again, negative news and headlines are generating clicks and therefore money. It spreads faster because people tend to share it more often.

Being positive is hard

Still, how do we tackle this massive crisis with more positivity? I have no idea. I think we must just try to see the good stuff that is happening all around us. Negativity causes stress and anxiety, which are the wrong emotions to tackle a crisis like this. Furthermore, we must stand together and see the change that is already happening all around the globe and that will continue happen in the next 10 years. Renewable energy, for example, can give us not only better and carbon free energy, but will help less-developed countries to stand on their own feet. It’s an industry which can create $26 trillion of value by 2030, and a lot of nations are already changing their way of producing energy. Sure, it is still a way to go, but the investments in renewable energies are going up every year

We are seeing more and more countries trying to reduce their carbon emissions, but politics must also be onboard with it. More and more politicians are seeing the threat of the climate crisis and introducing laws to reduce their carbon footprint and to make changes that will help the planet to cool down. Then again, when it comes to us, single individuals, what can we do? Often we feel helpless and we feel like we can’t change the system alone. But aren’t we the system? If we change, the system changes. If we change our diet, our behaviors and shopping habits, the system changes. If we refuse to buy plastic straws, plastic bags, shower gels with micro plastic and other harmful plastic products, the companies must act and stop producing them. Do you still feel powerless? Trust me, your voice is much bigger than you think. Just talking to people about change and what we can do helps to open other people’s eyes and to spread awareness, and slowly we can change the system.

Sure, there are a lot of people who don’t believe in climate change and the crisis we, and our planet, are facing. But to be honest, I wouldn’t want to risk the future of our planet for some YouTube videos or articles on the internet which say differently. Why take the risk to believe a minority but choose to ignore most scientists? Every scientific prediction concerning the climate change of the last couple of years came true. Sure, they could all be wrong, but does it really hurt to do something good for the environment, our health and the massive plastic problem?

We are changing things

We are at a turning point and whether we want to believe it or not, change is coming. The voices of thousands on the streets are being heard and governments will eventually have to change things. You can almost say that the topic of climate change is becoming a popular topic in politics right now, since some right parties are already trying to embed it in their programs.

The climate crisis is scary and sad. We are seeing horrifying pictures of animals dying of hunger, pictures of how the extreme heat is affecting our ecosystem and oceans and pictures of plastic waste polluting our streets, rivers and our oceans. Being sad and grieving is normal. Sometimes feeling hopeless and just powerless is also part of it. But we can use those emotions to motivate ourselves, to be fearless and hopeful. We are looking into a bright future with a lot of good things to come, but only if we act, elect the right people into office and change our daily lives accordingly.

We are the change and we will change a lot.

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