Is SPROSS history?!?

Hey everybody. We are back with a little update. We hope you are all doing well during these crazy times. With COVID19, the west coast on fire, political disasters, hurricane season and so many other things, it’s not easy to stay positive sometimes. We get that. In German we like to call it WELTSCHMERZ

But we are still here and is still reachable for some time. But as you noticed already, we are currently merging the podcast website with the blog and making TRANSLATING LOVE our main thing. It’s a lot of work doing a podcast and our main focus shifted during the last couple of months to doing this project together. Therefore we thought it would be the best to make the website (we didn’t want to start a new one) to the official TRANSLATING LOVE podcast website. 

The blog is still here and SPROSS will live on as a part of this website. And yes, we will bring you new exciting topics, recipes and try to educated ourselves and you through new blog posts. 

In February we started the podcast TRANSLATING LOVE and through the positive feedback and all the interesting topics and guests we fell in love with it. We spend time together making it and it’s a great project for us to grow with each other and talk about things we usually never get to talk about. Soon it became obvious, that the blog is something we both enjoy but in the end not as much as a collaborative project. Therefore we thought it would be best to merge it into this new website. 

We had a great summer, working and traveling in Austria and trying to enjoy it as much as possible in these crazy times. We hope to hear from you and please give our podcast a listen – we’d love to hear what you think. 

Much love ❤

As always, we hope you liked this post and please feel free to ask questions or comment down below.

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