This is us

Danielle Steiner-Kern and Wolfgang Kern are the force behind this new podcast hosted by ANCHOR.

Danielle Steiner-Kern

Medical Massage Therapist

My name is Danielle Steiner-Kern and I created Hello, I’m Listening (former Translating Love) alongside my wonderful husband, Wolfgang. I am a licensed Medical Massage Therapist and will eventually also be obtaining my Certified Personal Trainer certificate. In my free-time, I am a bit of a fitness junkie, I sing and play the ukulele, and I love to cook/bake. Together, my husband and I want to raise awareness about our environment and about how much of an impact we can have with just a few small lifestyle changes.

Wolfgang Kern

Videography and Design

My name is Wolfgang Kern and I’m the owner of Wolfgang Kern – Videography. I love to write and I Iove to tell stories. Therefore, my wife, Danielle, and I started this podcast Hello, I’m Listening together. We also want to raise more awareness about certain issues concerning relationships, mental health and many other topics. My passion for video and film is my hobby and my work, as I am a creator for businesses and people. I love to write and share personal stories and experiences about my life and also my struggles.  

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